Meet simone

Her Story


Simone Manuel, also affectionately known by many as “Swimone,” is a legend in the making.

We know that in 2016 she became the first Black American woman to win an individual Olympic gold medal in swimming. We know that during her time at Stanford, she set multiple NCAA and American records. And we know that today, she is the face of U.S.A women’s sprint. And that one day she will be considered one of the greatest to ever swim.

But we’re still getting to know Simone.  

Just Simone. 

The girl from Sugar Land, Texas, foreshadowed her success at the age of four when she swam across the pool on her second day of swim lessons. Her curiosities and athleticism led her to flourish in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and dance. She even enjoyed learning to play the clarinet.

Fast forward to today, in her time away from the pool, you can catch Simone whipping up succulent meals, dancing to Old School R&B, and celebrating her spirit by bedazzling her nails so they shine bright in the pool. 

Simone moves through the world as a woman driven to make things better for everyone. Guided by her faith, her connection to community, and her fundamental belief in diversity, inclusion, and equality for all, Simone invests in her platform as a vehicle for change. 

She’s done this by standing in her truth and forging partnerships focused on impact. She rewrote athlete activism with an inclusion rider with TYR, her swimsuit partner. The first of its kind. Her partnership with LeBron James’ I Promise school is focused on providing swim lessons to kids as a life-saving tool, but also a statement on opportunity. She doesn’t just talk about it, she shows up and does it. She graduated with a degree in Communication and African and African American Studies, where she developed a toolkit to help tell diverse stories. Simone aspires to share more stories of triumph over stereotypes, of barriers being broken, and history redefined.

Simone’s pursuit of greatness, in and out of the water, is a daily act of diligence. She defines herself through her rigorous and intense approach to training and the passion and courage with which she leads, always seeking to learn and grow while using her platform to uplift us all.

This medal is not just for me. It’s for people who came before me and have been an inspiration to me, and it's for all the people after me, who believe they can't do it. I want to be an inspiration to others that you can do it.

- Simone Manuel

Her Rise

Two years after bringing home four medals at the 2016 Olympics and winning two NCAA titles with the Stanford Cardinal, Simone turned pro. Committed to using her platform to inspire all people to dream big, dream bold, and dream beyond traditional assumptions and stereotypes, Simone has embraced the opportunity to make an impact in and out of the pool.

The Manuel Family

Her Support

Simone comes from a family of athletes. Her two older brothers, Christopher and Ryan, along with her father Marc played basketball collegiately, while her mother Sharron played various sports in high school. As the youngest sibling, Simone consistently worked to keep up with her brothers… the reason she got into swimming, but what stands out the most is the competitive drive that Simone’s brothers instilled in her. Simone credits her family for being her support system. They believe in her, uplift her, and love her for who she is - something that keeps her going through every stage of her journey. She is also thankful for her great coaches, who helped her realize her full potential.

A role model herself, Simone has drawn strength and inspiration from Venus and Serena Williams, who as minorities in tennis, redefined their sport. Simone is also inspired by many African-American swimmers who paved the way, including Cullen Jones and Martiza Correia McClendon. It’s on the shoulders of such names that Simone is working to expand access and opportunity to traditionally underrepresented communities. 


- Simone Manuel

Her Impact

Simone is an Olympian with a bright future and portfolio full of partners who have committed to partnering with her in order to encourage all people to pursue their passion. She hopes to continue to build a legacy of inclusion and inspiration that reminds people on a daily basis that there are no limits to what we can be.









Let your passion be your compass to achieving the impossible.

- Simone Manuel