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Meet Simone
Her Story

Simone Manuel, also affectionately known by many as “Swimone,” is a legend in the making.

We know that in 2016 she became the first Black American woman to win an individual Olympic gold medal in swimming. We know that during her time at Stanford, she set multiple NCAA and American records. And we know that today, she is the face of U.S.A women’s sprint. And that one day she will be considered one of the greatest to ever swim.

But we’re still getting to know Simone.

Just Simone.


From Sugar Land, Texas, Simone showcased her potential by swimming across a pool at age four during her second swim lesson. She thrived in various sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, dance, and even took up the clarinet. Nowadays, outside the pool, Simone enjoys cooking, grooving to Old School R&B, and bedazzling her nails for added poolside shimmer.

Simone is a driven woman, anchored in her faith, community ties, and staunch advocacy for diversity and equality. Leveraging her platform, she stands up for change by forming impactful partnerships. She pioneered athlete activism with an inclusion rider via her swimsuit partner, TYR, and collaborates with LeBron James’ I Promise school to offer kids swim lessons as both a safety measure and a symbol of opportunity. Beyond words, Simone actively contributes. A graduate in Communication and African and African American Studies, she aims to spotlight stories of triumph, broken barriers, and redefined histories.

Simone’s relentless pursuit of excellence, both in and outside the pool, is marked by dedication and an unwavering spirit. She trains intensely, leads with heart, and constantly evolves, using her influence to elevate everyone around her.

This medal is not just for me. It's for people who came before me and have been an inspiration to me, and it's for all the people after me, who believe they can't do it. I want to be an inspiration to others that you can do it.

Simone Manuel

Her Rise

Two years after bringing home four medals at the 2016 Olympics and winning two NCAA titles with the Stanford Cardinal, Simone turned pro. Committed to using her platform to inspire all people to dream big, dream bold, and dream beyond traditional assumptions and stereotypes, Simone has embraced the opportunity to make an impact in and out of the pool.

Her Support

Simone hails from an athletic family, with her brothers and father playing collegiate basketball and her mother engaging in various high school sports. Her efforts to match her brothers led her to swimming. The competitive spirit they instilled, combined with unwavering family support and exceptional coaching, pushed her to realize her potential.

Drawing inspiration from trailblazers like the Williams sisters, Cullen Jones, and Martiza Correia McClendon, Simone aims to broaden access for underrepresented communities in sports, standing on the foundations they built.

Let your passion be your compass to achieving the impossible. 

– Simone Manuel

Her Impact

Simone is an Olympian with a bright future and portfolio full of partners who have committed to partnering with her in order to encourage all people to pursue their passion. She hopes to continue to build a legacy of inclusion and inspiration that reminds people on a daily basis that there are no limits to what we can be.

Inclusion Rider

In her first professional partnership, Simone Manuel became the first athlete to build an inclusion rider into a contract.

Through her inclusion rider with TYR, Simone ensures that TYR extends meaningful opportunities to traditionally underrepresented groups and that diversity be reflected in the creative efforts she pursues with the brand. Simone champions inclusion as both a best practice in business and a central tenet of her identity as a professional athlete.